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Our AQA shoes

our roots

We create and produce women's shoes, with simple identity aiming to be timeless, but without forgetting trends.


Our Philosophy

Why settle when you can stand?

AQA stands for quality, detailed craftsmanship and carefully selected materials.
It also stands for you. So, you can focus on being the strong, confident woman you are.
Redesigning the tradition with the firm belief that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand, and all women should have the freedom to express who they really are


We follow a code of ethics to choose suppliers, we look for quality raw materials that have
less environmental impact and suppliers that value and treat their workers fairly.


Made in Portugal

Whenever you need to free your feet, look us up. We know what you need. And we’re not just saying that, our models are designed to assure comfort and durability. And we don’t just make our shoes anywhere. We produce them in Portugal, where the century long shoemaking art has been perfect, and the technology adapted to create probably the best place to make shoes you could find.

You can take our word for it. And our shoes.

We believe we can make the difference

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