Why women deserve shoes designed for them

Throughout most of the long history of footwear, when shoe models designed traditionally for men (like work shoes or athletic sneakers) needed to be adapted for women, the only solution has been a most archaic one: keeping the design and simply reducing the size.


But our feet are not just smaller versions of men's. In fact, several studies* have proven that, when compared with male's anatomy, there are actually 11 identifiable differences in women's lower limbs: 2 calf, 5 ankle and 4 foot shape variables!


And different builds mean different needs. Women's more flexible joints are more prone to ankle sprains as well as injured feet and our wider hips create pressure points in different areas of the foot.


So, the next time you're out there browsing for shoes, don't just settle for a smaller men's shoe. Take a look into some feminine brands for a change. You know, like AQA. Our focus is on designing shoes for women, contoured to better accommodate for female footprints and, of course, fashion tastes.


*Gender differences in adult foot shape: implications for shoe design and Comparison of Male and Female Foot Shape